GrangeCon9.5 2016

Scheduled Events

(subject to change

- its still early!)


Let the fun begin!

Con begins 4Pm


*Breakfast @ Eden Resort



*Costume Parade

*5pm - Bake Off



*Breakfast @ Eden Resort



*Book Group

*Dinner @ Scooters



*Breakfast @ Eden Resort


*Clean up & close down

Attendees so far...


Paul C









GrangeCon9.5 will be held at the Eden Resort October 28-30. We reserved the Penthouse Villa so we will have a full kitchen. Update! are We have rooms 551 & 552!! They are kitty corner across from where we have been in the past. Signs will be on the doors indicating the main con suite where you can check in.

As always, there will be signs on the doors of all suites that are being used for GrangeCon.

Registration: Good news! Pre-Registration IS open! Go! Register!

GrangeCon9.5 will begin on Friday October 28 at 4pm. We have the rooms through Monday morning but the only thing happening Monday is traditional breakfast at Arthur’s and cleaning up the suite.

Why 9.5? Technically 2016 should be GrangeCon10. Wow. We have been doing this for 10 years! We decided not to do GrangeCon10 this year because one of the founding members may not be able to attend. It did not seem right to hold such a momentous iteration of this event unless ALL the founders could be present. But the rates for October were so good and it’s Halloween weekend so we got creative and made this year 9.5.

What to expect this year:

  • Since it is Halloween weekend there should be costumes. We have not decided how to do this or which day but you can be sure there will be a parade through the hotel. So BRING YOUR FANTASY OR SF COSTUMES! Please let us know if you will be participating!

  • There WILL be a new logo & badges this year, but no program book

  • Late night movies with Bill will probably occur, assuming Bill has something he wants to share.

  • Bake-off WILL occur. We do have a full kitchen with a full size refrigerator, a full size stove with oven, and a full size microwave. If you will need any of these for your bake off entry please let us know ahead of time so that we can make sure everyone has access to what they need. There may be only one prize this year and it may or may not be the Frying Pan of Doom.

The Entries

If you want to enter it would be helpful if you could let us know ahead of time.

  • We did find a place for the entire con to go for dinner where we can have a room to ourselves so dinner out may happen. It's Scooters on Lititz Pike aka 501 just north of the Lancaster airport. We are planning on going here Sunday evening.

  • The website is Scooters Restaurant & Bar

Join us on Facebook! We have a Facebook page for GrangeCon as well as an event page for GrangeCon9.5. If you join our page you will get updates via fb. If you would like updates via email please use the link below and send us your name and email address.