Founder's Bios

Cat Calhoun

 One of the moving forces behind GrangeCon.   She attended Westercon, her first con, in Los Angeles in 1978.  Over the next seven years she attended and displayed original artwork in SF conventions all over the country.  After a hiatus of 10 years she began attending Lunacon with her children.  No longer involved in the art show she instead made costumes for her children who appeared in various SF masquerades and she volunteered as den mother for several masquerades.  In addition to her interest in SF and Fantasy Cat enjoys history, anything creative, gardening, the occasional bout of Laser Tag, and playing D&D.  She is, as Douglas Adams put it, a radical atheist.

Paul Calhoun

Paul is an aspiring fantasy novelist with three books in a series in various stages of writing/editing, as well as several fantasy and sf short stories.  He is studying electrical engineering on the assumption that he won’t make any money writing.  He hopes to be disproved. He has been attending sf cons since he was in the second grade and has competed in numerous masquerades at both the regional level and at world cons. He was the one to first suggest holding a science fiction convention in Lancaster. Paul reads sf, fantasy, and hard science and is currently the DM for the Lancaster Book Groups D&D games.  Paul claims to have originated the idea for the name GrangeCon.  All discussions being verbal only, there is as good a chance as any that he's right.  Continuing in that vein, Paul's main purpose to the group is that of having ideas which other people take for whatever purpose they want.  He is also the web designer(rarely necessary).    

Bill Brown

Attended his first sf con, LunaCon, in 1965, and first WorldCon in NY in 1967, at which the attendees' extreme non-mundanity so freaked him out he avoided further Worldcon attendance until 1972, when he decided the con attendees could be no weirder than his co-workers in his then-current Navy enlistment. From that point on, he's attended nearly every subsequent Worldcon, including 1985 and 1999 in Australia, and nearly every NASFiC, as well as most Lunacon, Boskone and ICon regionals over the past several decades. A movie addict, he added the San Diego ComicCon to his annual roster in the mid-90's, primarily for its astounding presentation of actors,  producers, and film previews. A life-long avid reader, his personal library includes over 3000 books (scores of which are autographed). Science fiction and film aside, his personal interests include technology, hard science, extreme roller coasters, trance music and rave culture. Mostly a people watcher (he knows but his mother denies that he's actually an alien observer switched at birth), with several years in the early 90's of bad experience attempting to work with con comittees, Grangecon was his first tentative venture into con organizing, possibly because he shares with Ms Calhoun an irreverant attitude towards religion; as the sign in his living room states 'Militant agnostic: I don't know and you don't either.' 

Nate Snelbaker

Nate attended his first science fiction convention, Lunacon, in 2005.  He hasn’t been the same since. An avid reader he has been reading science fiction since fourth grade (thank you Bruce Coville). Nate is planning to become an author solely for the fact that this is one of the only vocations that would allow him to go to as many conventions as he feels like and for the ability to express oneself in the literary medium. In addition to science fiction he is a gamer and co-hosts a podcast for beginning War Hammer players at

Steph Allen

Steph attended her first SF con, Lunacon, in 2006. Steph finds them a great excuse to hang out with friends who are as odd as she is.  She is the creator of the Bake-Off's Frying Pan of Doom.