GrangeCon5 2011

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Scheduled Events

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Let the fun begin!

Con begins 4Pm

D&D character review


Breakfast @ Eden Resort


Book Group 11AM


Bake Off 6PM

SteamWerk Ball @

Chameleon Club 9PM


Breakfast in ConSuite

Skiffy Surprise Scavenger


Paper Airplane Contest

Dinner @ TBA

Fireworks by

ExplosionMaster Paul

Name That Tune with

TuneMaster Bill


Breakfast @ Eden Resort


GrangeCon5 was held at the Eden Resort over July 4th weekend. We had a 2 floor Villa, #515, as well as a King Villa just below for over flow activities.

This was the best year ever! Which we say every year and every year it’s true! We had many new folks drop in whom we hope will return next year: despite some reservations Mike showed up Saturday morning and fit in so well he was still there at midnight when Nate & I returned from the Steamwerk Ball; Deb came for a day and renewed a friendship with Pat & Jill; Diane & John E dropped in and discovered that they and Jill shared a mutual interest in Jane Austin; Nerva came with Jackie & Paul L and discovered Bret’s box of Dr Who toys.

In typical Schrodinger fashion some events did not occur while others did: Name That Tune, Fireworks, and the Bake Off happened; the paper airplane contest and the book group did not.


…afternoon and evening was a time for arrivals, setting up, and decorating of con space. Bret’s mobile of the solar system was hung from the chandelier. Probably the only time he gets to hang this massive mobile! Dale K Fleet was in attendance again, but the Green Alien sprung a leak.


…afternoon was Gaming...

  • In the main con suite there was a level 20 D&D campaign created especially for GrangeCon by DM Paul C. Carlo, who was new to GrangeCon this year, took over Steph’s character part way through and finished off the campaign. He was not only an accomplished player but a diplomat as well!

  • At the same time, in the overflow suite, Roger hosted a Settlers of Catan game. Another newbie to GrangeCon, Jim, joined this game and apparently enjoyed himself.

…evening was the Bake-Off

The hotly contested bake off was won by Roger with his entry of smoked brisket. He has been doing awesome meats for the last 3 years and definitely deserved a win! This event was inspired by the short story "Utensile Strength" by Patricia Wrede, found in her short story collection Book of Enchantments. I listed some of the entries but I know I missed some. If you had an entry and it is not on the list please email me!

The Entries


…afternoon was the Skiffy Surprise

The Skiffy Surprise Scavenger Hunt returned this year. As usual we turned the suite upside down looking for the stickers that meant a prize. Some locations were turned over more than once and on occasion yielded a sticker on a 2nd or 3rd try! Despite our best efforts we missed two stickers. Where the heck were they?!?!?!

…evening was the Traditional dinner out

We convoyed out to Mt Joy to Bube’s Brewery for dinner. It was not as successful as in past years due to: 1) the staff forgot to turn on the lights until it got very dark; 2) there was a record crowd which was really too much to try to do at one table. The food, however, was not a disappointment!

…evening was the Fireworks

A group of us trooped over to the empty parking lot across from the Eden Resort to set off fireworks. There was the usual yelling at Paul to put his hair in a pony tail before he set himself on fire. Carlo proved adept at spotting where the spent fireworks came down so they could be retrieved. All in all there was a lot of hilarity involved.


All those staying over met for one last breakfast at Arthur’s. It was our first real ‘gripe’ session and your hardworking *cough, cough* con crew discussed where Grangecon should go in the future. This was made necessary by so many of you insisting on coming back year after year!

Attendees – Staying Over

  1. Cat Calhoun-leader of the Lancaster SF/Fantasy Book Group & co-chair of GrangeCon

  2. Paul Calhoun-author in residence & explosion master

  3. Bill Brown- co-chair of GrangeCon &n creator of Name That Tune

  4. Nate Snelbaker-our master of hilarity

  5. Steph Allen-provider of The Frying Pan of Doom

  6. Megan

  7. Roger

  8. Marisa

  9. David K

  10. Christine

  11. Ryan

  12. Pat

  13. Jill

Attendees – Day Trippers

  1. David R

  2. Racheal

  3. Bryan

  4. Dan

  5. Jess

  6. Green

  7. Bret Bowen-our expert on SF&Fanstasy media, past & present

  8. Deb

  9. Lon

  10. Diane

  11. Nerva

  12. Michael O

  13. Carlo

  14. Jim L

  15. John E

  16. Mike

  17. John K

  18. James M

  19. Paul L

  20. Jackie

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