GrangeCon12 2023


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Let the fun begin!


Con Opens




Suite closes



Breakfast @ Eden Resort/ Arthur's


Suite Opens


Costume Parade (tent)




*8:00pm Name That Tune &

Mozart or Pokemon 


Suite Closes



Breakfast @ Eden Resort/ Arthur's


Suite Opens


Costume Parade (tent)


Book Group

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Suite Closes



Breakfast @ Eden Resort/ Arthur's


Clean up & close down


Check Out 

but con will probably have a noon check out to give time for the clean up

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Originally scheduled for 2020 and canceled due to the plague GrangeCon12 was rescheduled to 2023

We had a strict Covid Policy for con: everyone had to provide proof of current vaccination and a negative test taken the day prior to the con.  GrangeCon is a small con held in a small area so everyone was going to be in close proximity for 2-3 days.  We felt this was the best way to protect all of our attendees.  Apparently it worked as no one came down with covid as a result of our con!

GrangeCon12 Take 2 was held at the Eden Resort March 24-27, 2023.   We had the Hershey Suite, a 2-bedroom Premier Suite, on the 3rd floor of the main building.  Hotel amenities include an indoor pool & hot tub, which several of us took advantage of, and a restaurant which all of us took advantage of for one meal or another. 

The first evening we all car pooled to Scooter’s for dinner.  We had a big table at one end of the enclosed patio and although it does not have the best selection for vegetarians everyone managed to find something to eat.  And we all had fun getting re-acquainted.


Every morning we went to the hotel restaurant, Arthur’s, for breakfast.  Saturday and Sunday we availed ourselves of the buffet.  There were some new items on offer but some of the old standbys were missing.  It was good but did not seem to measure up to past years.

The suite had a full kitchen - stove, oven, large refrigerator/freezer, microwave, dishwasher – all of which were put to good use, especially the night of the Bake-Off.  Aside from all the cooking that went on, the stove faces the dining area with a high counter between.  The high counter, the stove, and the two bits of countertop on either side of the stove are perfect to putting out all the food!

Bake Off: 

Cat     Stuffed Peppers – carnivore and vegetarian versions

Paul   Chocolate creme de pot

Rich   Slow Cooker Lasagna – carnivore and vegetarian versions

Nerva Spanish Rice

Nate  Chocolate Mini Cream Puffs and Lemon Curd Mini Cream Puffs

Steph Spinach dip 

Lisza  Almond Cake 

Just Fun Stuff:

Costume Parade – on Saturday Paul went down to the lobby in his white tiger suit and strolled around.  On Sunday he donned his wizard lynx and loaned his coyote to another con goer and they went down to the lobby.  On the way they met a number of people who wanted photos taken with them, including some kids.  The kids always enjoy the costumes but some of the adults freaked out!

We had a lot of prizes and gave them out liberally!  Prizes for completing the Dalek Word Search, for most correct answers in Name That Tune and Mozart or Pokémon, for first person to register, for newest attendee.  Whatever we could come up with we gave a prize for!

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