GrangeCon9 2015

Scheduled Events

(subject to change

- its still early!)


Let the fun begin!

Con begins 4Pm


*Breakfast @ Eden Resort




*5pm - Bake Off



*Breakfast @ Eden Resort


*1pm - costume parade

* 3pm - Book Discussion




*Breakfast @ Eden Resort


*Clean up & close down

Attendees so far...


Paul C





John E









GrangeCon9 will be held at the Eden Resort March 6-8. All new! Since the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful…Really. We are moving into the main building and the suite has a fireplace. We reserved one of the new 2 bedroom Premier Suites on the 3rd floor. Our overflow suite will be next door in one of the original King Suites. There will be signs on the doors of all suites that are being used for GrangeCon. The Premier Suites feature a large communal space with L shaped sofa. The full kitchen is open to the rest of the communal area eliminating that dead end we had in the Villa kitchen that was easy to get stuck in. The suites are at the rear of the building so park in the back lot and come in the door at the rear corner near the Villas. A brand new elevator is right there. When you get off the GrangeCon suite is the first door around the corner.

Being inside means that even if it “the weather outside is frightful” you can get to the pool & hot tub in comfort, or go to the bar or restaurant. The new suites are beautifully decorated.


Check this page for confirmation of room number. At this point we have Room 353 reserved..There will be GRANGECON9 signs on the doors.

Registration fee:

Pre-Registration is $15 per person for the weekend. You may purchase advance registrations online via PayPal. Follow the link in the left hand column marked ‘Registration’. Advance registration is available until February 18.

Registration at the door $25 per person for the weekend or $10 per person for a day. We do not accept credit cards. Cash or check only.

GrangeCon9 will begin on Friday March 6 at 4pm. We have the rooms through Monday morning but the only thing happening Monday is traditional breakfast at Arthur’s and cleaning up the suite.

Join us on Facebook! We have a Facebook page for GrangeCon as well as an event for GrangeCon9. If you join our page you will get updates via fb. If you would like updates via email please use the link below and send us your name and email address.

Bake Off:

If you are interested in participating in the Bake Off or are just curious to find out more about it please check the link in the left hand column marked ‘Bake Off’. Bake Off will be either Saturday or Sunday evening. Day will be posted as we get closer. If you want to enter follow the link on the left to let us know what facilities you will need. Fun to enter, fun to eat, fun to win!

The Entries

Just Fun Stuff:

  • There will be the usual faux program book complete with puzzles.

  • Bill will host Late Night Obscure Films one or both nights in his suite.

  • Book Group: The Martian by Andy Weir

  • NEW! Costume Parade - bring your favorite SF or Fantasy themed costume and join the parade through the hotel!

  • Paper airplane contest

  • Plant Making

  • Panels - or not

Gaming - TBA

There are always movies, food, board games, food, video games, food, pool, food. Do you sense a repetitive theme here? The amount of food and drink on hand depends on you. Bring a bottle of soda, some veggies or fruit or cheese, a bag of chips, cookies, whatever. The more the merrier!

Keep checking back for updates!

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