GrangeCon2 2008 photos

Friday Afternoon July 4

Roberta & Jill

Paul, Bill leaving, Bret

Bake Off Friday evening July 4

Pat & Cat on sofa, Paul

Paul & Nate

Nate, Rich, Roberta, Jill, Bret, Pat

Bill, Nate, Steph

Nate preparing secret ballot


Paul's Quick After Battle Cake won the prize! Nate's lasagna came in 2nd.

Saturday afternoon & evening July

Pat, Jill, Bret, Nate, Paul, Tim, Steph, Bill, Rich at breakfast

Paul, Steph, Cat, Bret, Key

Playing a game of D&D

Paul, Nate, Tim, Steph, Bret

Playing a game of D&D

Dinner at Bube's Brewery in Mt Joy

Roberta, Cat, Steph, Rich, Pat, Bill, Jill (hiding), Nate, Paul, Bret, Key

Sunday morning after breakfast - Cat & Bill