GrangeCon11 2019 – Photos

Saturday March 16


Sunday March 17

Bill's posters decorating the suite.

Queuing up for the main course.

Sunday morning breakfast at Arthur's: Roger, Bill, Paul, Cat, Steph, Jill, Rich, Pat, John, Nate, Heather.

Afternoon gaming. We are all thinking about possible answers:

Nate, Heather, Steph, Cat, Jill.

Evening, post book group: Cat, Steph, Guy, Nerva, John.

Same game, but now with Pat & Rich in the frame.

Paul visits the front desk staff as the white tiger. Anita is standing next to him with her hand on his back.

And the desserts...

Lavender iced cupcakes

This is what happens when you replace the milk chocolate chips with dark for the crock-pot hot chocolate.