GrangeCon6 2012 Photos

Photos taken by Cat, Bill, & Pat

Friday 6.29

6.29 Paul, Charles, & Bret

6.29 Paul, Charles, & Bret

Tiger (Paul) greets kids in hall

Photo shoot in the lobby.

Photo op with the tiger.

Paul & Bret in the con suite

Paul & Bret in con suite

Having a chat

Making friends with the tiger.


Some of the decor in the con suite

Saying "Goodbye"

Ring Around the Tiger?

Saturday 6.30

John, Charles, Paul, Nate, Heather


Darths&Droids gaming:Paul & Nate

The winners! Cat & Rich

around table: Jill,Deb,Dana,Jilly,Rich,Pat

L: Bret R:Bill

Darths&Droids gaming: Nate & Heather

Darths&Droids gaming:Heather,John, Charles,Cat,Paul,Nate

Group shots from the open stairway.

Darths&Droids gaming:Paul & Nate

Bake-Off winners being announced.

Bret & Bill setting up Name That Tune the TV version & the movie version.

Sunday 7.01

Rich, Cat, Doug

Bryan & Steph

Pat walks Paul (the Tiger) to the lobby

Waiting to go into Breakfast


At Anita's request the Tiger comes to say "Hello"



I'm being followed by a Tiger, oh my!

Monday 7.2



And so ends another GrangeCon!