GrangeCon9.5 2016 - The Halloween Edition - Photos
Friday Evening
Dinner at Garfield's Friday evening
Above: Bill, David, Racheal, Bret, Steph
Steph, Jill, Rich, Pat
Friday evening: Rich, Jill, Pat
Getting Dale K. Fleet ready.
Was this DaleKFleet's last GrangeCon appearance?
The cake Steph ordered with the logo for Halloween.
The Con Suite
The Weeping Angel welcomes you!
Halloween decor
Bill went wild buying Halloween decorations
Bill and Bret had a ball decorating, including hanging the huge blanket that Bret brought.
Dale K Fleet greeting Co-Chair Cat who is wearing one of Dale's shirts.
The Bake-Off
The prizes for the Bake-Off
Digging into the main course.
The winners: Nate & Cat

Sometime Sunday

Co-Chairs Cat & Bill in Halloween shirts.