GrangeCon4 2010 - Photos
Breakfast Saturday morning: Bret, Nate, Steph, Paul, Bill.

Alien welcome

Nate & Dalek with name tag reading: "Dale K Fleet"

Sunday afternoon.
Back: Nate, Green, Ryan
Front: Jess, Megan, David K, Christine

Bill (photographing), Green, Nate, Roger (from the back)

Folding paper airplanes for the competition. L: Jess - Back: David K & Christine - Front: Megan & Bret

Roger basting his BBQ chicken. Marisa at table in back.

Green & Nate help Bret hang the solar system.

Decorations, prizes, freebies

Dinner Saturday night @ The Cat's Meow: Nate, Bryan, Kira, Racheal, David R, Cat, Bret, Jess, Green

Kitchen table loaded with munchies.  Everyone contributed to the food and there was more to eat than any big con every had!

Nate, Green, Ryan, Roger working on their characters for a D&D campaign that we didn't have time for.

Bret's airplane sails through the solar system!

Bret wins the coveted Frying Pan of Doom for his vegetarian chili!

Breakfast Monday morning @ Eden Resort: Steph, Bill, Bret, Paul, Roger, Marisa, Ryan, Megan, David K, Nate, Jill, Pat, Christine is off to side in back.
Same event.

Decorations, freebies, program books

Cat's Meow again: Paul, Marisa, Megan, Ryan, Christine, David K, Roger, Jill, Pat, Steph, Tim.

Sunday Paul preparing his entry for the bake off.

Megan, Kira, Ryan, David R doing a bit of gaming.

Around the table: Jill, Jackie, Bret.
On sofa: Jess, Green, Pat

Bill hosting Name That Tune.

Left side, front > back: Bill, Bret, Paul.
Right side, front > back: Steph, Pat, Jill, David K, Christine, with Megan down at the end.