Join the fun & have a chance to win your very own Frying Pan of Doom!

GrangeCon’s Bake Off was included for the first time in GrangeCon2.  It was such a hit that the event has occurred every year since.  It’s origin lies in a short story by Patricia Wrede called “Utensil Strength”.  In the story a wizard accidently enchants a frying pan.  In an effort to discover the pan’s secret ability and the one person who should wield it the King calls for a Bake Off.  Every Knight, Barbarian, and Adventurer shows up to compete with their favorite recipe.  The end result is the awarding of the Frying Pan of Doom. 

Every year GrangeCon attendees bring a dish to place in competition.  Everyone eats the entries and votes.  The winner receives the now much coveted Frying Pan of Doom or the Spatula of Just Desserts.  


There are two categories: “Appetizers & Entrees” and “Desserts & Sweets”.

This is a casual competition but there are a few rules:

  1. One entry per person per category.
  2. Each entry must be accompanied by the recipe.
  3. You MUST let us know ahead of time how much, if any, refrigerator or freezer space you will need.
  4. You MUST let us know ahead of time if you will be doing any cooking and if so what you will need, i.e. stove top, oven, microwave, and for how long.
  5. Any cook space you use, any dishes or utensils you use YOU are responsible for cleaning.


  • We have a full kitchen but anything that can be cooked ahead should be.  Anything that cannot be cooked ahead should be prepped and ready to bake, broil, boil, fry, or microwave the day of the Bake Off. 
  • Refrigerator space is always tight.
  • There are grills around the pool area but they are the open picnic ground variety.  If you use them you provide your own charcoal, matches, foil.


  • It’s a secret ballot! 
  • Ballots are passed out
  • You vote for your top 3 choices
  • The votes are tallied by our resident accountant
  • The winner for “Appetizers & Entrees” is announced & receives the Frying Pan of Doom
  • The winner for “Desserts & Sweets” is announced & receives the (for now) mystery utensil

Below is the form to fill out if you will be entering the Bake-Off.  We know it comes out looking wonky in an email but we know what it means!