2012 Photos

Photos taken by Cat, Bill, & Pat

Friday 6.29

6.29 Paul, Charles, & Bret

6.29 Paul, Charles, & Bret

Tiger (Paul) greets kids in hall

Photo shoot in the lobby.
Photo op with the tiger.

John, Charles, Paul, Nate, Heather

Darths&Droids gaming:Paul & Nate   

        The winners!  Cat & Rich
around table: Jill,Deb,Dana,Jilly,Rich,Pat

Rich, Cat, Doug

Bryan & Steph

Pat walks
Paul (the
Tiger) to
the lobby

Paul & Bret in the con suite

Paul & Bret in con suite

Having a chat
Making friends with the tiger.

Saturday 6.30

L: Bret R:Bill

Darths&Droids gaming: Nate & Heather
Darths&Droids gaming:Heather,John, Charles,Cat,Paul,Nate

Sunday 7.01

Waiting to go into Breakfast
At Anita's request the Tiger comes to say "Hello"

Monday 7.2

Some of the decor in the con suite

Saying "Goodbye"

Ring Around the Tiger?

Group shots from the open stairway.

Darths&Droids gaming:Paul & Nate
Bake-Off winners being announced.

Bret & Bill setting up Name That Tune the TV version & the movie version.



I'm being followed by a Tiger, oh my!

And so ends another GrangeCon!