GrangeCon2 2008 - Photos

Friday Afternoon July 4


               Roberta & Jill                            Paul, Bill leaving, Bret

Bake Off Friday evening July 4

       Pat & Cat on sofa, Paul                         Paul & Nate                                   Nate, Rich, Roberta, Jill, Bret, Pat


     Bill, Nate, Steph                      Nate preparing secret ballot         FRYING PAN OF DOOM

Paul's Quick After Battle Cake won the prize!  Nate's lasagna came in 2nd.

Saturday afternoon & evening July

Pat, Jill, Bret, Nate, Paul, Tim, Steph,          Paul, Steph, Cat, Bret, Key               Paul, Nate, Tim, Steph, Bret

Bill, Rich at breakfast                                                      Playing a game of D&D

Dinner at Bube's Brewery in Mt Joy

Roberta, Cat, Steph, Rich, Pat, Bill, Jill (hiding), Nate, Paul, Bret, Key

Sunday morning after breakfast - Cat & Bill